26 Apr 2023

AOV Group

AOV Group manufactures Automatic Opening Ventilation systems for buildings mandated by legal requirements to have them.


To develop a straightforward website for presenting technical details about a service mandated by law, while also boosting online visibility with SEO.

In crafting a website for AOV Group, our primary focus was to seamlessly integrate technical information about their services while concurrently enhancing their online visibility through SEO strategies.

We curated the website’s content to ensure clarity and accessibility for visitors seeking technical insights. We also implemented robust SEO techniques, such as keyword optimisation, meta tags, and strategic content structuring, to elevate AOV Group’s online presence. By synergizing informative content with SEO best practices, we facilitated greater exposure for AOV Group, enabling them to reach a broader audience and solidify their position as industry leaders in the field of Automatic Opening Ventilation systems.


Mark Hawkins – Managing Director

Applied Skills

Web Design, SEO Management, Image Manipulation

Made With

WordPress, Adobe Photoshop

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