23 Sep 2021

The Faultline

A paperback book about the wild and rugged North West Highlands of Scotland, where a group of young people are brought together by chance.


To create a cover design for a paperback book to meet publication deadlines.

I enjoyed my time creating the cover for John’s book. He had a particular image in mind for what he wanted and was very happy with the outcome.

Having the clients input on this project was essential and that was clear from the beginning. We went through a lot of variations with different layouts and commercially licensed images of the Scottish highlands to compliment the story.

His book is currently very popular in the Northern parts of the UK and growing.


John McLellan – Author

Applied Skills

Printed Media, Editorial Design

Made With

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

Matching bookmarks were created with the authors details for marketing purposes.

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